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Cracked Foundation Repair in Akron, Oh

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Cracked Foundation Repair in Akron, Oh

You have noticed the cracks in your basement floor and walls. Maybe you’ve seen one on the outside of your home near the soil line. Quick fixes using epoxy or other fillers are tempting. But while you may be able to hide those unsightly cracks, quick fixes don’t treat the cause and you may find yourself needing foundation repair in Akron, OH.

At Garrett Basement Waterproofing, we want you to understand the cause of these cracks and help you address them before they become extensive–and expensive–repairs or even foundation replacement. Remember, a crack in your foundation does not have to create a structural problem to be trouble. You may see only hairline cracks in your basement floor or wall, but hairline cracks widen over time, allowing more moisture in and potentially damaging your foundation. Our experts will inspect your foundation inside and out to determine the cause of the crack. Armed with a precise diagnosis, our professionals will be able to properly repair the crack and determine if further intervention is needed.

If you have cracks in your foundation, floor or basement walls, record when you first noticed them and keep close watch over them. It is helpful to our technicians to know if the crack has grown and how quickly it has grown, because this could indicate movement in the foundation.

Our technicians will also note whether the cracks are horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, whether they span across a corner, or go in a stair step pattern down the block work. Of special concern are cracks that start on the walls and continue all the way to the floor, as they can be a sign of structural damage.

Knowing the type of material used to construct the foundation, walls and floor is helpful, as this helps the evaluator determine what could be causing the issue and choose the best method for treating the crack. For example, brick walls, often found in older homes, can be a cause for concern because brick absorbs moisture from the air and can ultimately crack. Cracked brick walls may eventually collapse. On the other hand, poured concrete foundations, often seen in newer homes, may show cracks simply because of insufficient mixing of the material or poor conditions when settling.

A crack on your basement floor or wall does not have to be cause for alarm, but it should be examined by a professional to determine the severity of the situation, the cause, and to formulate an economical and effective plan of foundation repair.

What does it mean to repair the foundation of your home?

Another Northeast Ohio winter, followed by a rainy spring, have taken their toll, and now you are looking at a foundation repair in Akron, OH. At Garrett Basement Waterproofing, our professionals will make the process as quick and easy as possible so that you can get on with your life. An early diagnosis is key.

Walls that are cracked or bowing slightly may be stabilized by bracing. Wall anchors, or steel support beams, are used to reinforce the wall without replacing or rebuilding it. The steel beam is anchored at the top to the support joist and at the bottom to the footer. This is the least invasive way to stabilize the wall if the bowing is minimal and the damage minor enough to avoid rebuilding any portion of it.

When the only option is to rebuild and replace a damaged foundation or section of wall, we will make every effort to rebuild only what is necessary to maintain the structural integrity of your home. Our top priority is your safety and your investment. Sometimes it may be necessary only to rebuild a portion of a wall and install an anchor for support. In other cases, the footing of your foundation may have become compromised because of years of water pressure or freezing and thawing. When this happens, we will excavate the area, remove the damaged materials and rebuild a new solid structure. We will then waterproof to protect the new structure from any future damage.

Whether we are bracing your existing wall, replacing a damaged portion or rebuilding your foundation, you can rest assured our trained staff is using the best methods and technology to return your house to its best condition. When you call Garrett Basement Waterproofing, you will get timely answers, free estimates and our Written Guarantee for Life of Home. Contact us today.

If you have a crack in your foundation, floor, or walls then consider the following questions:

What material are the walls and foundation where the crack is located composed of?

The material used in the foundation will affect the way in which it is treated, as certain methods work better on certain materials. Knowing the type of materials used also gives the evaluator an idea of what might be causing the issue.

If your home is older, it may have brick walls. If you find a crack in brick wall then there is some major cause for concern. Brick walls can absorb the moisture in the air and expand, eventually cracking. Cracks in brick walls can cause a wall to eventually collapse.

It’s not uncommon to find cracks in the floor or poured concrete of the foundation. Most often these cracks are caused by poor conditions when settling, or insufficient mixing of the material.

When did you first notice the crack? Has it grown in size since then?

Keep an eye on the size and direction of the crack. Large cracks indicate structural trouble. An increase in either width or length is an indicator that there could be movement in the foundation, and that is a big deal! The materials and blocks that have been split by a crack can actually grind against each other with changes in temperature and humidity, making the crack even larger.

Cracks can be caused by shrinkage. These cracks can be identified by taking notice of the top and bottom of the crack line. The crack will be wider at the top and continue to taper and become smaller at the bottom.

What direction does the crack flow?

Are they horizontal, vertical, or diagonal? Do they span across a corner, or go in a step stair pattern down the block work? Cracks that start on the walls and continue all the way to the floor can be a sign of structural damage.

While not every crack seen on a basement floor, wall, or foundation means structural failure or needs to be cause for alarm, they should be examined by your local waterproofing contractor. Only a true professional can accurately diagnose the severity of the situation, determine its cause, and formulate an economical and effective plan of foundation repair. If you are concerned about the cracks in your foundation or basement in the Akron, Ohio or surrounding areas, then please do not hesitate to give the experts at Garrett Basement Waterproofing a call today!

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