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Problem Basement

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That damp feeling in your basement, that small pool of water in one corner, a wet feeling on the walls, all can be signs that you have a bigger moisture problem in your basement. If you are using your basement or crawl space for storage, or if you are considering finishing a portion of your basement to create additional living space for your family, don’t ignore these signs. Call the professionals at Garrett to inspect your basement before storing furniture or precious memories there.

The American Society of Home Inspectors estimates more than half of U.S. homes have some problems with basement dampness. The fact is, the soil around your foundation holds moisture, and the pressure of the soil against the walls will eventually force that moisture through masonry and stone, even if you can’t see a crack. Even new homes can be victim to basement dampness, as new construction will shift during the natural settling process, opening tiny cracks and fissures.

Most of the time, the moisture comes from rain or melting snow that gathers around your foundation and eventually works its way inside. Whether you are experiencing a slight dampness on the walls, or significant water following a storm, the key is understanding where the water is coming from so it can be properly addressed.

The professionals at Garrett Basement Waterproofing can determine if applying a waterproof barrier will alleviate puddles, or if additional drainage is needed to reroute runoff during storms. If water seems to find its way into your basement even when it is not storming, you may need a sump pump.

Whatever is causing your damp basement, at Garrett we identify the moisture problem and solve it so your basement is dry and safe for your family.

Before and after images showing a wet basement caused by small hole in the foundation wall

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