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Problem Basement

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Embarrassed about your wet or damp basement?

Do you avoid going down there because of its smell or appearance? Well, you are not alone. According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, nearly 60% of U.S homes have trouble with moisture and dampness. Thankfully, Garrett’s Basement Waterproofing has the solution. We get to the root of the problem and quickly find an effective and economical  foundation repair.

Why do I have a damp basement?

Ground water can enter through cracks or other openings in the foundation. The moisture from wet soil actually enters through solid masonry and stone due to the natural pressure of the soil being pressed against the foundation of the structure. Waterproofing helps to create a barrier between your home and the moisture trying to penetrate it. Basement waterproofing can be accomplished by a number of methods, depending on the problem. From using protective sealants and paint to sump pump installation, only the experts at Garrett Basement Waterproofing can recommend and perform the most effective waterproofing treatments at a reasonable cost. Some claim that basement waterproofing weakens over time, but with Garrett’s work that’s never an issue because our work is guaranteed for the life of the home! There are few things that stand as strong as the Garrett quality guarantee.

Moisture issues are not limited to those with older homes, newly constructed houses can also experience the same problems with dampness. A home naturally shifts and settles over the passage of time. Sometimes this can cause small fissures or cracks in the foundation. With our wall repair, bracing, and replacement services Garrett Basement Waterproofing can save the day and return your home’s foundation back to its previous structural durability and stability. If a home’s drainage system is not functioning properly, pulling water away from the foundation, it can lead to seepage of the water into the basement. Garrett’s also has the tools, technicians, and material to fix your drainage system no matter the problem, from downspout drainage, French drains, trenching and beyond. If you notice puddles of moisture, condensation, discoloration, cracks, mold, or mildew, then you’ve got some cause for concern.

For the value of your home, your family’s health, and your comfort don’t hesitate to pick up that phone and give the guys here at Garrett Basement Waterproofing a call! We are happy to answer any and all of your basement waterproofing questions, with the honesty and knowledge that Garrett’s has become known for over all these years.

Before and after images showing a wet basement caused by small hole in the foundation wall

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