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Downspout Drainage

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Homeowners may stay on top of leaves and debris that collect in their gutters, but neglect the downspouts and drainage systems that are just as important in protecting the foundation from pooling water.

At Garrett, we are experts at repairing and replacing downspout drainage systems so water is carried away from your home. Our process takes into account your current drainage system, grading of your yard and where the runoff will be discharged.

Downspout drainage systems should carry water at least 10 feet from your home to effectively protect your foundation and basement walls from pooling water that will eventually find its way inside. Our experts will inspect your system for connections, length, discharge site and materials to be sure your foundation is protected.

Your underground drainage installed by our professionals will include solid PVC pipe to carry water away from your home, and any necessary trenching or grading to establish the correct pitch from the connection point to the end point, so water does not back up within the discharge pipe. We connect your drainage pipe to the downspout using an accessible filter that can be cleaned regularly so debris that finds its way into the downspout can be removed before it enters the underground pipes.

Call today for expert analysis of your downspout drainage system and an estimate on how we can get yours running at its best.





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