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Basement Waterproofing in Akron, OH

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Basement Waterproofing in Akron, OH

Rainy springs and frigid winters make homeowners understand the importance of basement waterproofing in Akron, OH. Heavy rain and poor drainage around your house allow water to saturate the soil around your foundation, putting pressure on the walls and leading to leakage and cracking. Freezing and thawing as the seasons change can cause even more damage.

To avoid extensive repairs, it is crucial to catch the dampness and leaking early. Signs that your basement could be leaking include a musty smell or mildew on the walls, flaking paint, dampness or water seeping from the walls, and warped paneling. We recommend contacting an expert immediately if you notice any of these signs.

At Garrett we work hard to alleviate the worry that comes with dealing with a wet basement. We diagnose your problem and offer a variety of services so we can customize an affordable solution. Our experts will provide drainage options to dry out your basement, and recheck your problem so you can be sure your basement will stay dry. If your foundation must be repaired, you can count on our highly trained experts to provide top quality service.

We offer the following waterproofing services:

Call Garrett Basement Waterproofing in Akron, OH for your free estimate and our Written Guarantee for Life of Home. For questions about any of our waterproofing services, fill out a contact form, and we will call you.

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